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Protect your family with a home generator. Portable, standby and backup home generators are a necessity in the 21st Century. Call Us Today For A Free Price Quote for a Home Generator or Portable Generator.
By installing Home Generators or Commercial Generators you can protect your residence or business against power outages and blackouts.

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Emergency Power: Home Generators and the Portable Generator:

The most economical way to supply power during a power outage is to use a portable generator of the appropriate wattage for your needs (at least 4000 Watts for starters) and run extension cords into the house to power chosen appliances with your portable generator. A safer way to install your portable generator is to have an electrician install a power transfer switch, connected to the house's main electrical panel. Just start the home generator, run a single extension cord into the transfer switch and power the circuits you need through the main circuit breaker. Home generators or a portable generator can provide power for TVs, small kitchen appliances, hair dryers, power tools, lights and other comforts of civilization when you are out of power. Larger permanent residential and/or backup home generators can now power the entire house with no fuss, no muss. Built-in Home Generators are now more popular than ever in new housing construction. Call Us Today for a Free Price Quote for either your home generator or portable generator needs. Simply dial 1800 GENERATOR / 1800 436-3728 for more information on Generac Home Generators or a Generac Portable Generator today.

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